Anna Ådahl



"The New Mass Ornament. The aesthetics and politics of urban and digital crowds in system-operated spaces".   More >
My video "Crowded Excercises I" (2015) will be exhibited in the show OEI Strata at INCA Seattle.   More >
Public commission for Stora Arkens square in Haninge, Stockholm, Sweden.
Inaugurated Sept. 2015.   More >
An 8-years old guide to LIAF 2015.   More >
Galerie Roussan, Paris. 5 Sept.-31 Oct. 2015   More >
19th of September at Stora Arkens Torg, Haninge, Stockholm.   More >
Biennale: Lofoten International Arts Festival, Lofoten, Norway   More >
Lofoten International Arts Festival 2015. Artist announcement.   More >
Solo-exhibition at Taiga Space, St Petersburg Feb-March 2014   More >
Model of Continuation by Lina Selander at OEI Colour Project, Sept. 2014.   More >
Article on performance/installation The Exhibited by Joni Hyvönen.   More >
Article in film magazine Walden, 2013.   More >